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A new Trojan for Android: Virus calls to premium rate numbers and does not allow himself to remove

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The new virus was named Android .Dialer.7.origin. Remove it manually is almost impossible at the opening section of the system settings application management, Trojan blocks this action, leaving the user to the main screen of the operating system. Infection with this virus smartphone without the consent of the owner is calling for expensive rooms and debits from the account of a significant amount, which subsequently fall into the pocket of the intruders. It is worth noting that, once the first time on a mobile device, Android .Dialer.7.origin creates unnamed label, which disappears after a while. This malware program is distributed with the fake porn site as a video player. There were cases of masking the virus under useful application or games. Calls the new virus carries by number 803402470, which is stored in the settings, but the creators of the Trojan can change it. To the user does not detect malicious activity in your device, Android .Dialer.7.origin disables the speaker phone during a call and the "cleans" the call log. Malicious activity diagram is as follows: when the owner of the device tries to log in to your personal account with your Smartphone or tablet, the program redirects the user to another site that mimics the site for important savings bank customer survey. On this site the client is asked to go through a trap-poll and survey results to send to the Bank, you need to enter the login and password of your account. Then the program intercepts the password to confirm the operations. A program that redirects clients to a site-trap extends through SMS-alert, ostensibly from Sberbank. The client is asked to translate his mobile device enhanced mode of authorization. To do this, you must install a special mobile application, a link to which is provided in the text or in the form of a QR code. Actually the client by clicking on the provided link on behalf of Sberbank, installs itself on a Smartphone or Tablet Trojan virus, and the virus sends the passwords to criminals to carry out operations in the Sberbank-online. Security specialists on its website customers of Sberbank has already issued a communique, which urged not to install any applications, which come via SMS, MMS or email messages, as the Bank does not engage in such distribution. All mobile apps must be installed only through the official website. It is worth noting that, more recently, Doctor Web anti-virus company warned users of Android devices that apply new Trojan virus that, getting into the Smartphone or tablet, performs various actions on the team cheats.

Kaspersky Lab was able to identify features of the first mobile Trojan-exchanges for the Android operating system

The virus, which is defined as a Trojan-Ransom Being.. Pletor. (a) for the first time gave itself felt about a month ago. There were about 2000 thousand attack attempts in 13 countries around the world, among which the main shocks were Ukraine and Russia. Among the other prone to infection are the CIS countries as well as Canada, Greece, Singapore and South Korea. The purpose of Gauss's code is data memory card encryption device. The list of such files, as well as media files are graphics and text documents. Next viral program acts as a extortionist, demanding the return of the money for the phone owner's access to their own data. After begins encryption, the phone displays a message about locking device in connection with prohibited content. In the rendered report is written, that the Subscriber has to pay "fines". In case of refusal, the Trojan "threatens" to publish personal data in open public sources. Various modifications of the android have a message on the user's screen, in English, demanding payment in UAH or USD. The creators of the virus using vebkoel'ki and transfer money to another number for ransom. In any versions of the Trojan was found the key that enables you to decrypt all locked data. Thus, many owners of gadgets on the Andriod, you should consider installing antivirus software, because in the future, the number of such threats will only increase. source:

Specialists of "Doctor Web" have discovered a new Trojan that infects mobile devices based on the operating system Android.

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